Peering AS58516


AS58516 is AMS-IX Hong Kong's administrative LAN. Although peering is in no regard mandatory, we highly recommend setting up redundant peering sessions for the following reasons:

  • Event Correlation
  • AMS-IX NOC can handle troubleshooting requests more efficiently as long as it has a reference point. Having redundant BGP sessions established to routers situated in separate colocations that we directly administer can be a significant aid.

  • We are one of AMS-IX's peers!
  • Peering with AS58516 means that traffic can be exchanged directly between our administrative LAN and you, eliminating the need to be routed via third parties. This of course is entirely optional, should you not want to attract any additional traffic. Advertising no prefixes at all is acceptable.

Router details
ASN: 58516
IPv6: 2001:df0:296::A505:8516:1
Platform: Juniper

Note Please Note the Following:
  • AS58516 only peers with parties that are directly connected to the AMS-IX Hong Kong infrastructure.
  • AS58516 does not sign additional contracts for peering sessions (“peering agreements”).

IPv4 peering

This section describes the necessary steps to set up a peering with the AMS-IX Hong Kong ASN (AS58516). Also shown is a sample Cisco router config that can be used to set up this peering with the AS58516 routers.

In case of questions, please contact

1: Add the peer

In the "router bgp xxx" configuration section of your router that is attached to the AMS-IX Hong Kong shared medium you should add the following peer: the AS58516 router at AMS-IX.

neighbor remote-as 58516
neighbor version 4
neighbor filter-list 31 in
neighbor filter-list 32 out
neighbor next-hop-self

Adjust the numbers of the AS path filter-lists according to your own preferences.

Optional: Configure the peer-group

You only need to do this if you use peer-groups based on peer location. Where possible, AMS-IX peering routers are located at different co-locations.

neighbor peer-group IPV4-PEERS-A

2: Add the access-lists

Make sure the AS path filter-lists are set up such that you only permit routes with the AMS-IX Autonomous System Number from AS58516 and that you announce any routes you care to share to the AMS-IX router.

ip as-path access-list 31 permit ^(58516_)+$

ip as-path access-list 32 permit ^my-AS$
ip as-path access-list 32 permit my-Customer-1$
ip as-path access-list 32 permit my-Customer-2$

In case you adjusted the numbers of the AS path filter-lists in Step 1, you should use the same numbers in this step.

Important The above is only an example. In general, you want to configure outgoing access list to only announce your (and your customer's) routes. If you plan on sending us a full routing table, please let us know in advance. We will use best routes for transit. Also, please do not announce AS58516 advertisements to non-customers without our explicit request.

3: Send e-mail to <>

When you configured your end of the peering, please notify the operator of the AMS-IX by sending e-mail to <> stating you set up the peering with the AS58516 router and you want the AS58516 router to start the peering with you. Please include the following details in your e-mail message:

  • Provider name
  • IP address of router at AMS-IX Hong Kong
  • ASN that the router at AMS-IX Hong Kong resides in

The peering from the AS58516 router will be set up as soon as possible. You will be notified when the peering is up.

4: Update your aut-num: object in the RIPE database

Your peering with AS58516 should be registered in the Internet Routing Registry at the RIPE NCC, just like all your other peerings. You can use the template below. Please adjust the cost in the “import” clause according to your own needs and put the correct AS set(s) in the “export” clause

import:      from AS58516
action pref=100;
accept AS58516
export: to AS58516
announce MY-AS-SET

Setting up IPv6 Peerings

If you want to implement IPv6 peerings on the AMS-IX:

  • Use the IPv6 numbering scheme to determine your IPv6 address(es) and configure your router interface(s) accordingly.
  • Please let the AMS-IX NOC ( know that you are IPv6 enabled so we can add your address(es) to the members database.
    Please mention the following details to inform us sufficiently:
    • Name Organisation
    • IPv6 address
    • (optional) Host name (PTR) you would us to map the address to
    • In case you have more than one port, the IPv4 address of the port or its location
  • Invite peers. The AMS-IX Hong Kong Members List also lists which members use IPv6.
  • If you wish, you can set up an IPv6 peering with AS58516. To do so, send a mail to the AMS-IX NOC with your peering details.