Mobile Interconnect (Inter-IPX)


AMS-IX Hong Kong offers an Inter-IPX service to IPX Providers. This allows for peering of new and existing IP services, quicker to market with reduced hops at a more cost-effective price. For IPX prices, please go to the Mobile Peering Pricing page

Logical Set-up

AMS-IX Hong Kong supports the separation of IPX service communities as described in GSMA's IR.34 by offering separate Inter-IPX VLANs. These include amongst others, GRX, IPX Packet Voice, Diameter and various other IPX products as required or requested. For this, AMS-IX defines dedicated VPLS instances to separate these from the other VPLS instances that are operated by AMS-IX Hong Kong such as the Internet service. Each Inter-IPX connection will be configured in one or more Inter-IPX VPLS instances so that each IPX provider can reach the other interconnected IPX providers inside the relevant service communities.

I Ipx New Vlans

Technically, the requirement for Inter-IPX is for dedicated fiber switch ports on the AMS-IX platform.

Inter-IPX Service Description

An Inter-IPX connection can be one of the following:

  • A single GE connection
  • Multiple GE connection in a so-called link-aggregrated ('LAG') configuration
  • A single 10GE connection
  • Multiple 10GE connections in a so-called link-aggregrated ('LAG') configuration

The customer Inter-IPX connections are terminated on the AMS-IX Hong Kong patch panel. This patch panel is the demarcation point between the customer and AMS-IX Hong Kong. The responsibility for the (LAG) connection between the customer router and the AMS-IX Hong Kong patch panel is with the customer. The responsibility for the (LAG) connection from the AMS-IX Hong Kong patch panel is with AMS-IX Hong Kong.

IPX providers can order the Inter-IPX service via our Reseller HGC Global Communications. For more details on how to connect please go to here.