How to Connect via HGC

Please follow the below steps for connecting to the AMS-IX Hong Kong peering platform via HGC:

  1. Check that you fit the requirements for becoming a customer of AMS-IX Hong Kong.
  2. Contact the reseller HGC Global Communications and establish an agreement.
  3. Expect the connection details provided by the AMS-IX NOC.

Step 1. Requirements & conditions

There are a number of requirements and conditions that all customers have to comply with before connecting to the AMS-IX Hong Kong peering platform:

  1. You must represent a recognised legal entity (a company).
  2. Your network must have an ASN (Autonomous System Number).
    The applicant's network must have its own ASN assigned by a Regional Internet Registry, being APNIC, ARIN, LACNIC, RIPE-NCC or by a Local Internet Registry. This is checked in the application process so the ASN must be assigned to the specified legal entity.
    The primary function of your business (unit) must be Internet related. 

    In the application process this is checked by following the URL you provide during the application. This should provide proof of the Internet business activity you are in. 
  3. Please contact the reseller for a draft of your agreement.

Step 2. Establish agreement

Please contact HGC to establish the agreement and to request more information.

After the contractual arrangements are completed HGC will contact AMS-IX with the necessary information. AMS-IX will start working on the assignment of a required connection(s).

Step 3. Implementation

  1. On your envisioned assignment date* or within 3 working days your technical contact person (TCP) will be contacted by the AMS-IX engineers with the details of the assigned port. (Please inform HGC if the envisioned date of connection should be changed.) You will receive information regarding your port number, your IP number, FQDN and other matters of importance concerning your port configuration.
    *Assignment date: the date when AMS-IX communicates the connection details to the customer. Please provide HGC with your envisioned assignment date, it will be honoured as much as possible.
  2. Your port will initially be placed in a Quarantine VLAN.
  3. At this time you are able to physically install/configure your router and other equipment. You should then contact HGC with this information and ask them to finalise the cabling and verify Layer 1 connectivity.
  4. Once this is done you can contact the AMS-IX NOC on +31 (20) 514 17 17 or and ask them to bring the interface into the appropriate production LAN. You are now live!
  5. You are invited to set up peering with AMS-IX Hong Kong on AS58516, see the AS58516 peering page for more information. You can also decide to start peering with the route-servers to immediately have useful traffic from day one, find the details here.

At this stage you are also able to set up peering with other connected parties.