How to Connect via AMS-IX

Please follow the below steps for connecting to the AMS-IX Hong Kong peering platform directly.

  • You must be a recognised legal entity
  • You must have an ASN assigned by a Local or Regional Internet Registry: RIPE-NCC, APNIC, LACNIC, ARIN
  • You must have the intention to and be willing to sign an AMS-IX Connection Agreement.
  • You must have an agreement with the chosen AMS-IX colocation or IP-transport provider.

After submitting the form, you can place an order for a port:

  • You will be given access to My.AMS-IX portal; if needed, to reset the password go to: forgot password
  • Log in to our customer portal and order your desired port under ‘Connections’ tab

After finishing the application process, the following will take place:

  • The Connection Agreement and relevant documents will be sent to the CCP electronically (contract’s signer indicated in the application) primarily via DocuSign. If you prefer to receive a .pdf version (and/or hard copy) of the document, please let us know.
  • Upon receipt of the signed Connection Agreement, we will proceed with the assignment of your port(-s) directly, or on the envisioned assignment date (as indicated in the application). If you would like to make any changes—please request it by contacting Customer Service team at:
  • Once your port has been assigned, an email with the demarcation points will be sent to the TCP (Technical Contact Person) by AMS-IX NOC team. It will include: your port’s details, IP addresses and instructions on how to activate your port.
  • We will create login account(-s) to My AMS-IX portal and add designated contacts to the mailing lists.

Initially your port will be placed in Quarantine VLAN. You will be able then to physically install/ configure your router and other equipment at the chosen housing location(-s):

  • Please inform your housing location and request finalizing the cabling and verification of the Layer 1 connectivity
  • Once completed, please contact AMS-IX NOC during the office hours (09:00-17:00 CET) via email or phone +31 20 514 17 17, quoting your ‘project number’, and ask to bring the interface into the appropriate production LAN.

After testing the connection with our NOC team, your port is now live!

  • You are invited to set up peering with AMS-IX B.V. on AS1200 and AMS-IX Hong Kong on AS58516—for more information please see: Peering AS1200.  and Peering AS58516
  • You can also decide to peer with the route servers on AS58560; please see AMS-IX Route servers for more details. 
  • To setup peering with other AMS-IX connected parties, please visit our list of connected networks, where you will find their peering policies or contact details.

Please note that the port’s price will be invoiced periodically (as indicated in the Connection Agreement). We will start invoicing you on the production date (port’s activation date), and maximally 30 days after the port’s assignment.

For technical details regarding your AMS-IX connection, please go to Specifications and Descriptions page.

For pricing, please visit Pricing page.

If you have any other questions, please contact our Customer Service team at: