Connect to both HK and AMS

In case a network wants to connect to both AMS-IX Hong Kong and AMS-IX Amsterdam, partner HGC Global Communications is able to provide a one-stop-shop offer including the connectivity between the two exchanges.

Either IX platform can be used to connect to the other on an individual basis, note that the broadcast domains of the exchanges are *NOT* interconnected. So for each connected network that connects from the one exchange to the other a unique VLL instance is defined on each exchange fabric that will be mapped to a international Layer 2 connection provided by HGC, thus setting up what we call 'cross-exchange peering'.

This service is offered to new and existing connected parties from either exchange.  The pictures below indicate how this can be done.

1. Using AMS-IX HK to connect to AMS

Cross Exchange Hk

2. Using AMS-IX AMS to connect to HK

Cr Xpeering Ams

3. Using HGC to connect to both HK and AMS remotely


In all cases HGC can offer networks a one-stop-shop offer to realise the required configuration.