Benefits of Connecting

For Internet networking businesses and companies with a main business that heavily relies on their Internet presence the benefits of connecting to AMS-IX Hong Kong can be major. We are building a principal market place in Hong Kong similar to AMS-IX in Amsterdam. Where else in Asia but Hong Kong are you able to find such a dense and diverse concentration of networks. 

High Quality Peering Services

AMS-IX Hong Kong is a high quality professional Internet exchange run by the operator of the world's largest Internet Exchange. The exchange is operated under a sustainable, professional and neutral model allowing all qualified networks to connect. AMS-IX stands for providing carrier grade service levels and an active peering community. At the data centre location there are several photonic and redundant sets of Ethernet Switches with interswitch links of 10GEs over fiber, creating a resilient and robust exchange. Furthermore resilient power, cooling, fire suppressant systems and so on are part of the building management systems of the professional data centre that is used.

The design of the AMS-IX Hong Kong platform is unique in its setup. With its resilience and level of redundancy we are able to set a defined service level with carrier grade quality.

Reduction of Upstream Connectivity Costs

One of the major costs involved in any Internet related business today is that of upstream connectivity or transit. Our infrastructure allows to interconnect and exchange IP traffic, better known as peering, directly with all other AMS-IX Hong Kong parties. This reduces the need to send traffic through a commercial transit provider. With many major Asian & Global IP networks and other Internet players being connected at AMS-IX and AMS-IX Hong Kong, one connection allows for easy and relatively cheap connectivity to these parties through BGP peering.

Active Peering and Diverse Community

The AMS-IX Hong Kong exchange brings the experience and reputation AMS-IX has in Europe by connecting a variety of different and unique networks in one professional exchange platform in Asia. Hong Kong's centric role in the region allows the perfect environment for networks from all over Asia, Europe and the world. Networks, such as mobile and content providers, broadcasters, VoIP and web2.0 and cloud parties, have become thriving and enriching exchange parties who have enjoyed the benefits of peering with multiple parties. Naturally, AMS-IX Hong Kong also welcomes newcomers to peer. As we do in Europe we stimulate parties to come into contact with one another by means of peering events and networking conferences. Between events the mailing lists are actively used by members to communicate with one another or the AMS-IX engineers.

Business Development & Continuity

Due to the high service levels that we set ourselves and the sheer volume of the traffic and number of connected ports at AMS-IX Amsterdam we are always using technology that is cutting edge and partner with our suppliers to develop new and innovative ways to serve our members/customer needs. AMS-IX Hong Kong profits from this setup by having a platform mirrored to Amsterdam. The AMS-IX team is professionally involved to extend and improve services to the connected networks.

AMS-IX adds valuable experience and knowledge in developing the IP interconnection ecosystem, as also its recent Reseller Program, copied throughout the world, shows. From a business point of view we constantly strive to enlarge the number of potential peers and the potential peering benefits for our members/customers by extending our services.