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Benefits of Connecting

For Internet networking businesses, content parties and companies with a main business that heavily relies on their Internet presence the benefits of connecting to AMS-IX HK can be major. Connecting to the exchange enables bilateral peering with the other connected parties and easy access to AMS-IX in Amsterdam where over 600 networks meet each other to exchange IP traffic.


What is an Internet Exchange?

As a network of networks the Internet builds onto the reliability of these networks Interconnection. This is where Internet Exchanges come into the picture. At an Internet Exchange, the networks of Internet Service Providers, telecommunications carriers, content providers, webhosters and the like, meet to exchange IP traffic with one another.


Active Peering Community

The aim of AMS-IX Hong Kong is to develop a principal Internet exchange with a regional hub function fostering an active peering community. The services features offered are the same as for AMS-IX in Amsterdam with active involvement of the community on mailing lists, in peering forums and in the development of new services.


AMS-IX Amsterdam

To keep up to date with the latest developments, news and events of AMS-IX Amsterdam,  see also the AMS-IX site.


Inter-IPX Service

HGC and AMS-IX have launched the Inter-IPX service at AMS-IX Hong Kong, an Internet peering platform, to allow IPX providers to securely peer high-quality Internet Protocol (IP) traffic at a local level, and offer their customers added value at a more cost-effective price.



Meet HGC and AMS-IX at APRICOT 2014 in Bangkok, Thailand.