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25 September 2015

AMS-IX Introduces Provisioning API for Resellers

AMS-IX will soon be launching an API (Application Programming Interface) to My.AMS-IX and My.US.AMS-IX which allows resellers to integrate the provisioning of AMS-IX connections in their own systems, greatly reducing the dependency on human intervention and shortening lead times.

AMS-IX is the first Internet Exchange worldwide to offer…

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16 September 2015

EvoSwitch Launches OpenCloud, Providing Secure Access to Global and Local Public Clouds

Partnership with AMS-IX further extends opportunities for partners and customers

EvoSwitch, a leading provider of sustainable and innovative cloud-neutral data center services, has announced the launch of OpenCloud, a marketplace for Cloud Service Providers (CSPs), Cloud Interconnect partners and System Integrator (SIs) and Enterprise customers.

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27 May 2015

Blogpost: Job Witteman - Building the Internet Together

Who remembers the war between Betamax and VHS? It was a period of intense competition when incompatible models of video recorders arrived on the consumer market. Betamax was the first and possibly also the best. It did however lose its battle in the competition against the VHS format, which was…

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